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F  I  N  A  L      C   L  E  A  R  A  N  C  E 
We are clearing out our supply of genuine Ty, Inc. BEANIE BABIES®!
All of our Beanies are now Retired:
Chip, Crunch, Derby, Dotty, Fleece, Freckles, Ringo, Roary, Sly, Snip, Snort, Stinky, Stripes, and Wrinkles.
These are competitively priced at $12 each + $1 shipping for each Beanie.
Feel free to email us to reserve a particular one.
Ty® retired all Beanie Babies® on 12/31/99! These are ALL collectors' items and have been stored in clean, dry, climate-controlled storage since they were acquired.

Sales are Final for all items shown on this page.
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