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We carry an assortment of sheer fabrics, most of which are not available in local fabric stores. We can order larger quantities for clubs or teams, at a substantial discount from retail. Please let us know what your needs may be!
100% Nylon (does not run or fray) - 2-way Cross-Grain Stretch
54" Wide - $4.00/yard
Color Choices
Color Choices
Color Choices

Woven Georgette - 60" wide - $10/yard
(these all have matching stretch matte crepe except for the Soft Yellow)
Color Choices
shown: Soft Peach, Soft Yellow

Woven Polyester Chiffon - 45" wide - $ 9/yard - Red, Plum and Purple
GLISSINETTE - 4-way Stretch
45" Wide - $ 12.00/yard

Forest Green, Forest Green D/L#2, Jade, Suntan, Pink, Slate Blue, Teal matte, White
60" Wide - $12.00/yard - 2.8 oz. midweight
Lt. Beige, Forest Green (Spruce), Forest Green D/L#2, Toffee
80" Wide - $ 15.00/yard - 2.8 oz. midweight
Navy Blue
Knit Stretch MESH - 60" Wide - 80% Nylon/20% Lycra - 4-way Stretch - $14.00/yard
Available in Black, Suntan, White
Color Choices

Stretch Lace - This product has been discontinued by our supplier, but we do have some stock on hand. Available yardages will be posted soon to assist you with your purchase. We apologize for this inconvenience! We are looking for a new source.
Peach Stretch Lace
60" wide
Pink Stretch Lace
60" wide

Large flowers in design measure about 1.75" x 1.75" Other colors that may be available to order: White, Black, Red, Royal, Ivory, Forest Green, Lt. Blue, Orchid, Mint, Wine, Tan, Silver. Subject to availability.


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IMPORTANT! This product listing may become obsolete within a short time! Please feel free to call or email us with any inquiries.

IMPORTANT! We cannot guarentee colorfastness of any product we sell. Use extreme caution when combining any two or more different colors in a single garment.
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